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With the right mindset, with the right training, the right tools and with the right support, you can transform your accounting firm. My whole team (and the community) are here to help you.


When you enrol in Level 1 of the Value Pricing Academy you get instant access to the latest monthly training and resources. You will also get:


Essential Foundations

Pricing Fundamentals

Effective Pricing

Group Workshops

That's over 5 hours of live training every month!

(Recordings are saved for 30 days for all live sessions except Group Workshops


Work through all of this training at your own pace

The Core Foundations of a

Super-Successful Accounting Firm

(delivered in sections over your membership)


The Starter-Plan of the Effective Pricing Software

ChatGPT for Accountants and Bookkeepers

Re-pricing Existing Clients

How to Optimise Your QBO ProAdvisor Profile

How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business

Access to all our conferences throughout the

year including:

The Value Conference 

The Profitable Bookkeeping Bootcamp

The AI and ChatGPT Virtual Summit 

The Business Advisory Masterclass

Get over $3,704 worth of content FOR FREE when you sign up TODAY!

Access to our Private Facebook Group


There is no minimum period to be part of the Value Pricing Academy. In other words, you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want. You are in complete control.

Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked.  If you cannot find the answer to your question below and you have a question about the Academy, email my partner, Sarah, on:  

What makes the members of the Academy so successful?

It’s an ATTITUDE and MINDSET… we’re just the catalyst.  We focus on giving, not just the training, but the tools, resources and systems to get results.  Our most successful students show up to the live training, they get involved in the community, and most importantly, they take action.  Everything we teach has been proven to work… you just have to follow the plan.  JUST DO IT!

If I am just getting started in my accounting firm, is this still a good fit for me?

Yes.  When I started my accounting firm in 1996 I wish I had access to this.  I made so many mistakes in the first 3 years.  Mistakes that cost me ridiculous amounts of lost profit.  This is exactly the sort of support I needed back then.  The benefit of doing this early in the development of your business is you can get the strategy, foundations and systems in place, and avoid the mistakes I made.

If I don’t have many clients, will membership still help me?

That’s why one of the 4 foundations we teach is GROWTH… we give you the training to help you win more clients and grow your firm.  Think of it this way, just one new client could pay for your entire first year of membership!

I don’t have a team. Will this be too much work for me?

This training is best for solo practitioners who want to get the core foundations in place before they decide to scale through people (and that’s not essential to building a profitable virtual firm).  Most of the members of the Academy are sole practitioners, and some of those are solo practitioners.  When you get your pricing right and when you get your marketing strategy and positioning right so you attract better quality clients, you can build a very profitable accounting firm without a big team.  That’s very possible in this digital world we live in with access to so much great technology.

What is the guarantee and refund policy for the Academy?

Remember, you’re in control. There is no minimum period to be part of the Value Pricing Academy.  In other words, you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.  At any time in the first 365 days you email my team and ask for a full refund of your first payment – no questions asked! You do not have to give a reason!  Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Can my team go through this program with me?

Your investment is for ONE person to join the monthly trainings, breakout sessions and study groups.  If you want another team member or business partner to fully participate, they will need to join the Academy too.  However, your team can watch the recordings and work through the video-based training.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

Absolutely.  There is the support from the entire community via the round table study group sessions.  If you have questions for me and my team you can email Sarah on:

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