If you’ve had enough of struggling to build a profitable accounting firm and you feel overwhelmed…

Now is the time to put in place the essential foundations to build a great accounting firm

Why is it so hard to build a profitable accounting firm to be proud of…

…and why are you working too hard?

Whether you are a bookkeeper or an accountant, there are 4 essential foundations for building a great accounting firm...

#1 Essential Foundation - CLARITY

First, you need to know the right strategy.  Right?

You need a clear picture of what you are trying to build.  A clear picture of the right client.  And a clear strategy for your marketing and pricing.  Without the right strategy, you will always struggle.  

Creating clarity is the first step to avoiding the overwhelm you might be feeling right now.

#2 Essential Foundation - PRICING

Next, you need to get your pricing right BEFORE you win any more clients. 

You see, if you are not charging enough, you attract the wrong clients.  This will result in low margins, working crazy long hours, and working for clients that drain your energy.  

You must get your pricing right, and stop pricing based on hours… this is an old-fashioned, redundant way of pricing in our profession.

#3 Essential Foundation - GROWTH

You want to grow your firm, right? 

Unfortunately, marketing is not like a tap you can simply switch on as soon as you need new clients.  You need to put in place the marketing foundations that will keep bringing you a consistent level of new prospective clients

You cannot leave marketing to chance.

#4 Essential Foundation - SYSTEMS

The fourth foundation is systems

There are essential systems you need so that parts of your accounting firm can run on autopilot and deliver you consistent results.

When you have these 4 foundations in place, you have the right foundations to grow your firm faster and more profitably.

  • I’m struggling to get the prices I want; I know I should be getting higher prices.
  • Clients often complain about my fees, and I find myself struggling to justify my prices.
  • I feel overwhelmed by all the things I need to do in my firm.  I don’t know what to focus on first.
  • I’m worried about cash flow and paying my bills.  Some of my clients are slow to pay.
  • I find it hard to attract the right clients.  I want clients who VALUE what I do and are fun to work with.
  • I find I must work long hours just to make ends meet. Sometimes running an accounting firm is tough.
  • I’m just not growing my firm as fast as I want.  I have no idea how to grow a successful accounting firm.

Which of these applies to you?

Don’t worry. You are not alone…

… these are common frustrations among accountants and bookkeepers.  In fact, I was once there too (when I was running my accounting firm – I started it in 1996).

The problem is, we know how to do the technical work (you are great at accounting and bookkeeping). But your technical skills will not help you build a great business.

The most common problems small accounting firms have are:

            Not having a clear plan

            Pricing the wrong way (the hourly mindset)

            Struggling to win enough of the right clients

It starts with the right plan. The right strategy.  And a critical part of your strategy is your pricing strategy.  You do have a pricing strategy, don’t you?

When you get your pricing right, everything else follows from there.  With the right pricing, you make more money.

With the right pricing, you attract the right clients.  With the right pricing, you can work fewer hours.  With the right pricing, you have more money and time to then fix the other problems.

All the challenges, frustrations, and pain you are experiencing now is a result of the DECISIONS you have made in the past. And here’s the great news…

You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.

If you want a better future, you just make different decisions and do different things.

Don’t let these MYTHS prevent you from achieving your goals

MYTH #3It's so overwhelming! I don't know where to begin!

MYTH #2I don't have time to do this!

I know how that feels.  I made so many mistakes in the first 3 years of building my accounting firm. What I learned is this…

“You need a roadmap and a plan, then you just work the plan one step at a time.”

It takes time to build an extraordinary accounting firm. There is no magic pill. There is no quick-fix solution.

But when you take things one step at a time the results will come…

I’ll show you how to create that plan in the Value Pricing Academy.

MYTH #1 I cannot raise my prices!

No one does!  The demands of running a business keep us all extremely busy.

However, something magical starts when you build the right plan, pursue the best pricing strategy, and have a system for growth. In fact, with the right pricing strategy…

… you find you can make more money working with fewer clients!

I discovered how to do this in my accounting firm, and I will teach you the process when you enrol in the Value Pricing Academy.

There is a fear that raising prices results in losing clients.  

That’s not true.

The right client will gladly pay more when they perceive they are getting more.

We show you exactly how to do this in the Value Pricing Academy.

Introducing the Value Pricing Academy

I’m Mark Wickersham, Amazon #1 best-selling author of “Effective Pricing for Accountants” and author of “How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business”, “A Practical Approach to Value Pricing”, “Value Pricing for Accounting Professionals”, and “Price: The Fastest Way to Grow Profit”.

I made every mistake in the book when I started my own sole practitioner accounting firm in the 1990s.  But then I discovered value pricing, and everything changed. I figured out how to fix the mistakes which helped me sell my firm.

I have been teaching accounting firms around the world since the year 2000, helping them avoid the mistakes I made, successfully transition to value pricing and build more profitable firms.

Academy membership will show you how to implement the core foundations and create a plan that will change you from feeling overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid to…

… joining a community of other like-minded accountants and bookkeepers getting incredible results by pricing your professional services more profitably and winning better clients.

This is for you if you are an accountant or bookkeeper running your own accounting firm (or wanting to start) and you want to master value pricing, win better clients, make more money and have more fun.

Every month you learn powerful value pricing concepts, marketing to grow your firm, essential systems, and strategies, get your questions answered, learn from other people in the group, and get access to ready-to-use resources, so you hit the ground running.

Since all meetings take place online there are no travel costs.  All you need is a connection to the Internet and a computer with speakers.

Here’s what you get when you enrol...

Video training: “The Core Foundations of a Super-Successful Accounting Firm”

This is our core training. It gives you the essential foundations.

It is delivered to you every couple of weeks over your first 12 months and covers 4 critical foundations:

#1 Build your strategy

#2 The foundations of value pricing

Here you are getting clarity on your vision, your marketing and pricing strategy, and have a plan to achieve everything you want. 

People at this stage may not yet have figured out everything but are excited about the journey to come (and the results they will get). 

Here you will discover:

  • The 5-step process for getting complete clarity… this is key to achieving your goals.
  • The 3 essential steps of marketing strategy.
  • 6 strategies for being more productive and getting stuff done.
  • And much more...

If you are in this stage, you are wanting to move to value pricing. 

People at this stage are ready to embrace value pricing and trust in the process; a process proven to get amazing results. 

Here you will discover:

  • How to avoid the 6 biggest mistakes accounting firms make with their pricing.
  • The 7-step formula for pricing based on value and getting higher prices.
  • How to re-price your existing clients without the fearing of losing them.
  • And much more...

#3 Grow your firm

#4 Systemize your core processes

If you are in this stage, you are excited about starting to grow your accounting firm.  You have real clarity on who your ideal client is and now it's time to use marketing strategies to grow your list of prospective clients on autopilot. 

Here you will discover: 

  • The top 5 growth strategies for winning new clients.
  • Win the best clients through expert positioning (How to create content fast).
  • The right words to use on your website, your brochures, and all your communications to attract the clients you want.
  • And much more...

If you are in this stage, you are excited about automating the essential processes in your firm.  Systems will enable you to get predictable and consistent results, free up your time (when things happen on autopilot) and allow you to scale your firm. 

Here you will discover:

  • The top 5 systems you must have in place to scale your firm.
  • The lead generation system for getting sales leads on autopilot.
  • Your appointment generation system for optimising your new client meetings and avoiding the time-wasters.
  • And much more...

PLUS, Live training every month

Jessica Fox is one of my star students.  She is an amazing bookkeeper who runs a hugely successful remote bookkeeping firm in the 

United States

She is not only knowledgeable in bookkeeping, but in accounting and system set-up, strategic thinking, sales and marketing, customer service, and value pricing.  Jessica is passionate about helping small businesses succeed and about helping accounting professionals avoid the pains she experienced while growing her firm.  She is a sought-after speaker who has spoken at many virtual conferences, on webinars and guested 

on podcasts.

Once a month she shares this knowledge with you when you enrol in the Value Pricing Academy.

Join Jessica for 90 minutes once a month, where she will teach you what you need to know to build a more successful accountancy or bookkeeping business, as well as answer your questions.  Here are just some of the things you will work on with Jessica in the live sessions:

  • How to successfully price bookkeeping services – Bookkeeping is one of the accounting services people really struggle to price.  Discover how to price bookkeeping the right way and how to build up the value so clients willingly pay you more for this core service.
  • How to identify the right marketing approach for your business – Not all clients are good clients, and you need the right messaging to attract the right clients.  There is no one size fits all marketing strategy.  Words are so important… you must use the right words!
  • How to re-price existing clients – If you’re working too hard for too little money it’s because your prices are too low.  The fastest way to change your profit and cash is to re-price your existing clients… discover how to do it the right way.  How to do it NOW and get INSTANT results.
  • Attracting great clients – Positioning and messaging are key to getting the best clients.  Discover the key words and marketing systems for getting the clients you really want.
  • Your lead management system – The essential system for managing your sales leads and turning them into clients smoothly and efficiently.
  • Value pricing and pricing psychology – Learn the key foundations to getting your price right.  When you switch to value pricing you will make more money.
  • The right mindset and building your confidence to succeed – If you feel scared to put your prices up, worry about imposter syndrome, and wonder whether you are really worth it, this training will get you thinking like an entrepreneur.
  • Your client onboarding system – All the systems, checklists and strategies you will need to build a great relationship with a new client and get everything up and running smoothly.
  • Increase your capacity through a scalable service offering – Ready to grow?  Ready to take your firm to another level?  It’s all about scaling profitably and this is where we’ll explore how to build a solid foundation to do that.
  • Identifying your ideal client – A big part of your strategy is being crystal clear on who is the right client and who is the wrong client.  Life is too short to work with people you don’t love working with.  Learn how to find your ideal niche.

If you can’t attend the sessions live…

…we have you covered. All live training sessions are recorded, and the recordings and resources are available for 30 days, that way if you miss a live session you can catch up with the recording.


Be a part of a special community

If you’re like me, then you know running a small accounting firm can be lonely… 

...trying to figure everything on your own, with nowhere to go and no one to talk to when you have questions or doubts.


You surround yourself with a brilliant support network.  One that answers your questions, picks you up when you’re down, and gives you the kick in the butt you need to stay on track with your goals and aspirations.

You will be joining a community of bookkeepers and accountants on a journey to building a more successful accounting firm.  Not only do you get to meet your fellow peers in the chat box during the live sessions, you also get virtual round table study group sessions...

Round Table Study Group Sessions

Every month you can join a round table session hosted by extraordinary accounting professionals, such as Teresa Slack and Sarah Kelley. This is your opportunity to connect with other members of the Academy to talk and share ideas, strategies and best practices to help everyone achieve more success.

When you join the session, you will be placed in a virtual breakout room with a small group of fellow members to discuss a topic and how to tackle it.

There is no minimum period to be part of the Value Pricing Academy.  

In other words, you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.  

You are in complete control.


There are 4 very special bonuses

To guarantee you get started the RIGHT way so you GET RESULTS FAST, we give you bonus training FREE when you join today…

The Profitable Bookkeeping Conference Recordings

How to Build a Successful Bookkeeping Business

How to Optimize Your QBO ProAdvisor Profile

ChatGPT Training Library

BONUS #1: 

How to build a successful bookkeeping business

This ICB-approved training will teach you the foundations for building a great accounting firm.  From how to create a winning strategy, how to value price bookkeeping services, the most powerful ways to win new clients, going beyond the books and making a difference in clients’ lives, and advanced selling, pricing and marketing skills.

Featuring Mark Wickersham FCA and ICB member Jane Aylwin, it is aimed at any size bookkeeping business from a solo practitioner upwards.

Here are just some of the many things you will learn:

  • The profit equation and the 4 ways to grow your profits
  • The 3 steps to creating your marketing strategy
  • Pricing strategy and your 3 options
  • The 2 things every customer wants
  • The 7-step formula to value pricing
  • A pricing system for building the value so you price with confidence
  • The 3 reasons why you must involve your client in the pricing process
  • 5 powerful referral systems for winning more clients
  • How to differentiate yourself and demonstrate you are the credible expert

  • 3 ways to grow your prospect list rapidly
  • How to promote and cross-sell management reporting
  • The power of price psychology - 4 ways to make your price seem small
  • How to convert sales leads into clients
  • The most powerful form of marketing (your competitors won't know this!)

This training builds on my book of the same name, and you also get a digital copy of the book.

BONUS #2: 

How to optimize your QBO ProAdvisor profile

When you enrol in the Value Pricing Academy you get access to your complimentary copy of our acclaimed training helping you to win more clients with a great profile.

If you are not a QBO ProAdvisor, don’t worry.  This training will still be valuable.  Most of the strategies can be applied to promoting yourself – and winning more clients – on other “Find an accountant” portals.

BONUS #3: 

The Profitable Bookkeeping Conference recordings

Want to discover how to value price bookkeeping services?

You get access to the full recordings from our 3-day virtual conference (that’s 8 hours of training).  Here’s what you will learn from the recordings of the main keynote sessions:

Part 1 – Powerful Packages

  • How to tap into the opportunity to make more money from bookkeeping
  • How to package your bookkeeping service so more people buy at higher prices
  • 3 simple – yet powerful – steps to value pricing your bookkeeping services

Part 2 – Calculating a Price

  • How to calculate your price with confidence
  • The relative price trick that gets clients choosing to pay you more
  • A complete system to go beyond fixed pricing and embrace value pricing with ease

Part 3 – Value and How to Communicate it

  • Critical things for getting an even higher price
  • How to communicate the value of bookkeeping
  • What to do about cheap competition who keep ‘low-balling’ with price

BONUS #4: 

BRAND NEW: Bonus training on using ChatGPT to save hours of time in your accounting firm

You will also have access to videos focused on the topic of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence - exploring powerful tools that can save you loads of time and massively improve your results. 

The Mark Wickersham team has been researching and testing the best ways to use ChatGPT, and new training videos will be added to the bonus section of the academy regularly, as updates unfold and new ways to use these awesome tools are discovered.

Here's a preview of some of the topics covered so far, with more being uploaded regularly:

  • Registering for an account
  • Weaknesses and Limitations
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Formatting Your Prompts
  • Response Output Types
  • Response Output Formats
  • Writing Tone
  • Writing Style
  • Your Writing Style

  • Train ChatGPT on Your Business
  • Meeting reminder system
  • Writing a blog post
  • Scripts For Your Meetings
  • Building Internal Systems
  • Roleplaying with ChatGPT
  • The Hiring Process
  • The 7-Steps to Menu Pricing with ChatGPT
  • Plus many more topics to come!

You can do this...

See what others have said about our training, resources and Academies.
Which of these results inspires you the most?  Which of these results would you like to have?

You may be thinking...

I know!  And if all of it seems a little overwhelming, don’t worry.

We created the Academy to give you access to the information and resources you need in stages.  The best place to start is with the core video-based training.  This is delivered over your first 12 months in bite-size chunks with each section unlocking every few weeks and building on the previous section.

Then there is the monthly live training… which goes deeper with supporting resources and the opportunity to ask your questions in the meeting chat box.

And finally, the community is here to help you and hold you accountable through the virtual round table study group sessions.

Remember, you can do thisJust take it one step at a time.

That sounds like a ton of stuff!

The Value Pricing Academy is definitely NOT for everyone...

Our Academy teaches you the core foundations for building a profitable accounting firm.  

It keeps you focused on the best strategies, getting your pricing right, getting the right clients with effective marketing and putting the critical systems in place so your firm runs like clockwork.  But… 

...it’s definitely not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a magic button or a “get-rich-quick” formula for building an accounting firm, this isn’t for you.

Building a profitable accounting firm takes work and effort.

If you’re looking for one-to-one support, this is not for you.

If you’re not running (or do not plan to run) an accountancy or bookkeeping business, this is also not for you.  

This is training from accountants, for accountants.  We have built successful accounting businesses and our focus is on helping accountants and bookkeepers avoid the mistakes we’ve made.  This training is exclusive to accounting professionals running their own firm (or about to start).

If you want to bill by the hour (which effectively means a job) then this isn’t for you.  

The Academy is centred around the concept of VALUE PRICING, which means you need to be open to a better way of pricing and wanting to make the CLIENT - and delivering VALUE - the primary focus of your firm.  You do not need to understand Value Pricing (we’ll teach you that)… but you must be willing to embrace this way of thinking.

If that sounds like you, and you’re finally willing to make that commitment to yourself and your dreams, I promise you the Value Pricing Academy will be the start of your JOURNEY TO SUCCESS!


Remember, you’re in control. There is no minimum period to be part of the

Value Pricing Academy.

In other words, you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.

You are in COMPLETE control.

It gets better...

Try the Value Pricing Academy for a full 30 days.

If at any time during those first 30 days, you decide it’s not right for you, not only can you stop the payments, but you can also email my team and ask for a FULL REFUND of your first payment – no questions asked!

You do not have to give a reason!

OK, How Much Is My Investment?

It’s a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.

One that will pay back for the rest of your life.  One that will get you pricing better.  One that will give you the systems to grow profitably every year.

It’s also the best way to access training and mentoring from me, and from Jessica Fox.

When Jessica first started working with me, she said, “My income grew over 70% and my monthly recurring revenue has grown over 144% this year so far!”  

What would a 70% increase in your net income mean to you?

And she is going to teach you, during the live training, how she got those results so you can copy her.

Entry level membership to the Value Pricing Academy is just $95 per month.  A tiny investment enabling you to discover the strategies and systems to build a firm you are truly proud of.

And here’s something our members love…

… when you become a member, you LOCK YOUR PRICE IN.

In other words, today’s investment is the lowest it will ever be.  It will go up soon for new members… but your investment never changes.  When you are successfully enrolled in the Academy, you know your investment will always be the same (even when we add new training, tools and resources to the Academy).

Put it this way… today is the very best time to join this community.  People who don’t act as fast as you will pay more!


When you enrol in the Value Pricing Academy you get instant access to the latest monthly training and resources.  You will also get:

Video-based training from Mark Wickersham FCA delivered every few weeks teaching you the strategies, pricing secrets, client-winning ideas and essential systems to build a great accounting firm

Monthly live training with Jessica Fox showing you exactly how she applied those essential foundations to her firm so you can model her success

Monthly support from the virtual round table study group sessions

Recordings of the latest live sessions available for 30 days, including resources, in case you miss any live training

BONUS #1“How to build a successful bookkeeping business” video training course and book

BONUS #2 “How to optimize your QBO ProAdvisor profile”

BONUS #3 – The full recordings from the “Profitable Bookkeeping Conference”

BONUS #4 – Bonus training on using ChatGPT to save hours of time in your accounting firm

Your investment locked in FOR LIFE!

So now it’s time for you to make one of two choices

So now it’s time for you to make one of two choices



And as you already know, if you choose nothing… then nothing changes.


BUT, if you already know you want to price better, grow your business, make more money and have more fun, then we would love to welcome you to this community and start your transformation… in the full knowledge


So there is zero risk to give it a try.

Simply click on the button below and my team and I will be waiting to welcome you and get you set up!


Click on the button below to join the Value Pricing Academy and begin your Value Pricing journey.  Get ready to master value pricing, win better clients, make more money, and have more fun.

If you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you:

Maybe you're thinking...

It all sounds great, but I just don’t have the money, energy, or time right now

… then you’re not making the choice at all!

You’re letting your circumstances make your choices for you! 

If you’re struggling right now, if you find you’re working crazy hard and not making enough money, you’ll find that will always be the case until you CHOOSE another way.

It’s never the right time to make a big change.  But until we do make that change, NOTHING CHANGES, and nothing gets better.

I get that, but I just can’t afford it!

The fact that you’re on this page is because you KNOW you need to change the way you price and start winning better clients.  Everything about Academy membership is about getting results.  Helping you get those better prices.  Helping you get those better clients.

It’s an investment that will pay back.  So perhaps the real question is, Can I afford NOT to do this?”

What will things be like 6 months from now if you do nothing and nothing changes?

The current price is only available for a short while, so you’ll need to choose quickly.

You CAN do this.  

With the right mindset, the right training, the right tools and the right support.  You can transform your accounting firm, and my whole team (and the community) is here 

to help you.

Your Most Popular Questions, Answered:

Below is a list of the most common questions we get asked.  If you cannot find the answer to your question below and you have a question about the Academy, email my partner, Sarah, on: support@wickersham.co.uk.  

What makes the members of the Academy so successful?

It’s an ATTITUDE and MINDSET… we’re just the catalyst.  We focus on giving, not just the training, but the tools, resources and systems to get results.  Our most successful students show up to the live training, they get involved in the community, and most importantly, they take action.  Everything we teach has been proven to work… you just have to follow the plan.  JUST DO IT!

If I am just getting started in my accounting firm, is this still a good fit for me?

Yes.  When I started my accounting firm in 1996 I wish I had access to this.  I made so many mistakes in the first 3 years.  Mistakes that cost me ridiculous amounts of lost profit.  This is exactly the sort of support I needed back then.  The benefit of doing this early in the development of your business is you can get the strategy, foundations and systems in place, and avoid the mistakes I made.

If I don’t have many clients, will membership still help me?

That’s why one of the 4 foundations we teach is GROWTH… we give you the training to help you win more clients and grow your firm.  Think of it this way, just one new client could pay for your entire first year of membership!

I don’t have a team. Will this be too much work for me?

This training is best for solo practitioners who want to get the core foundations in place before they decide to scale through people (and that’s not essential to building a profitable virtual firm).  Most of the members of the Academy are sole practitioners, and some of those are solo practitioners.  When you get your pricing right and when you get your marketing strategy and positioning right so you attract better quality clients, you can build a very profitable accounting firm without a big team.  That’s very possible in this digital world we live in with access to so much great technology.

What is the guarantee and refund policy for the Academy?

Remember, you’re in control. There is no minimum period to be part of the Value Pricing Academy.  In other words, you can leave and stop the payments whenever you want.  At any time in the first 365 days you email my team and ask for a full refund of your first payment – no questions asked! You do not have to give a reason!  Click here to read our full terms and conditions.

Can my team go through this program with me?

Your investment is for ONE person to join the monthly trainings, breakout sessions and study groups.  If you want another team member or business partner to fully participate, they will need to join the Academy too.  However, your team can watch the recordings and work through the video-based training.

Is there any support available if I have questions or get stuck?

Absolutely.  There is the support from the entire community via the round table study group sessions.  If you have questions for me and my team you can email Sarah on: support@wickersham.co.uk.


Click on the button below to join the Value Pricing Academy and begin your Value Pricing journey.  Get ready to master value pricing, win better clients, make more money, and have more fun.

Here's what the members of my Pricing Academies have told me...

“I have tried to learn value pricing a few times before with 1–3-part training sessions, but could not quite get the hang of it and I didn't have the confidence to implement what I did learn. I am understanding it in this program. I really get it! This program has also raised my confidence in my value and the value of the services that I offer. It makes so much sense and I want to get all of my clients on this system. One by one I am doing that now. It is making a world of difference in myself and my business.”

“The guidance received from Mark has been very valuable as I work to increase pricing and better understand the psychology behind pricing. As a result of the information I've learned I've added several new monthly clients which has helped me add more valuable revenue. Mark is very insightful and willing to help.”

Jeremy Stark


Cammie Hughes

Account Ability, Inc.

“The Academy has introduced me to many valuable concepts that will benefit my practice in the coming years. Mark teaches us how to communicate the benefits that our work brings to our clients and price our services so we can bring home a profit to our families.”

“The Academy is fantastic. I've learned a lot about value pricing from Mark which allowed me to implement value pricing in my firm and increase my profits.”

Michael Braun

Upfront Consulting

Katryna Coltess

Plus Associates Bookkeeping Inc

“If you're stuck and unsure and looking for help or answers, join - the information is very valuable. You will learn something.”

“You will easily recoup the small investment in time and membership by improving your prices and negotiations with clients.”

Stephanie Jones

Enchanted Moon Ltd

John Johnstone

JMJ Accountancy

“Mark has a true ability to explain pricing methodologies in a way that is easily understandable and that an accounting firm is able to implement. There are many straight-forward strategies to implement, and some strategies require more effort but with Mark's ongoing commitment as well as help from the group you can achieve a new level of pricing success!”

“Joining the Academy was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business growth and stability. The value far outweighs the cost in my opinion.”

Jan Baudat

QB Jan, LLC dba: FitBooks

Kimberly A. Colton, CPA

TG Accounting

“Learning to package price services has become the cornerstone of what we do in our industry and staying on the cutting edge of innovation.”

“The ROI is just amazing. There is no risk to joining, just rewards if you put in the time and effort and adopt what is being delivered.”

Andrea Glavas

inQub-O, Inc.

Aaron Mcleish

Together We Count

“I strongly recommend Mark's mentorship! He has helped me to learn to think differently about pricing, marketing and improving my profit. I always get something new from each session.”

“It's about shifting your mindset off you, your personal worth and your time, to thinking strategically as the owner and owning your business.”

Patricia P Belcourt CPA PA

Joy Schechter

The Joy of Business Inc

“The support of the community and Mark gives you the confidence to stick to the prices you have given to a client without feeling like you need to back down when clients protest about your pricing.”

“Worth the time and investment into yourself and your business!”

Carla Reding

Reding Bookkeeping

Amy Larsen

Amy Larsen Accounting

“I simply can't say enough for how Mark and Sarah's work has changed my business. After being involved for almost 2 years, I am working much less and still making the same income. Expecting next year to be even better. Thanks again!”

“If you would like to get paid what you are worth, this is the thing for you.”


IDM Professional Corporation

David B. Kolts, CPA


“I've told several people that it's well worth their money to join!”

“Do it, without a doubt.”

Vicki Giampietro

Let Me Do It

Andrew Rhodes FCA CTA

Sobell Rhodes LLP


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